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Sold! Dog Etiquette When Selling Your Home

Cleaning – it has become a constant task now that your home is on the market. Let’s face it, humans are messy, but at least we can clean up after ourselves. Our dogs make messes and look at us with a confused look when we get frustrated. The frustration doesn’t stop there – what are you supposed to do with your dog during showings? Last time you checked, your boss wasn’t looking to hire a furry employee. If you can’t spend the day with Fido, drop him off at doggy day care or hire a dog walker to take him for an outdoor adventure while the showing takes place. The infographic below will help cut down on some of that frustration you are feeling. Remember, cats make messes too, so the same etiquette rules apply!

The two of you can take some time to de-stress once you arrive at your new home in Michigan with a visit to the dog park – Swift Run and Broadway Dog Park are both conveniently located nearby. Afterwards, the two of you can enjoy a meal at Grizzly Peak Brewing Company, and with their specialty dog menu, your pooch won’t know what to order first!

For more information:

1.Visit to find a place to board your dog

2.Visit for expectations on scheduling showings

3.Visit for other tips on decluttering

4.Visit for tips on eliminating pet odors

5.Visit to find more things you should be talking to your realtor about

Selling your home is a big task, and keeping it clean with Fido running around can make it seem impossible. With the tips in this infographic, you can keep your home showing-ready, bringing you ever closer to moving day and your new home in Michigan. 

(by Medina James




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